Galactic Glove Seal Your Skin Anti-Oxidant Serum

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Galactic Glove Seal Your Skin Anti-Oxidant Serum

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Galactic Glove Seal Your Skin Serum™ this cosmically hard working serum does double-duty as a treatment for dry, mature skin while simultaneously treating alien acne invader breakouts, inflammation, and enlarged pores. Full of galactic lipids, vitamin e and f. Lipids are responsible for the protective properties of earth angel skin; aging and environmental insults will lessen skin lipids. Shield and treat cosmic damage caused by harsh topical medications, environmental toxins, and free radical formation.

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- Increased skin radiance, vibrancy and heavenly hydration
- Clearer pores/less alien acne invader breakouts
- Decreases appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

How to use:
Apply 1 pump on entire earth angel face after the application of Cosmic Ray Shield SPF36 Your Skin's Solar Eclipse™

Spingolipids: These lipids play an important part in the retention of moisture in earth angel skin.
Ceramides: These lipids play a key role in maintaining the moisture level and firmness of earth angel skin.
Vitamin E: A powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, provides skin protection from environmental pollution, stress, and photoaging.
Vitamin F: An essential fatty acid that is not naturally produced by the body but is vital for healthy skin.

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