• "Looks very natural, covered up so easy. I look better and more natural than when I came in here…this stuff is amazing!”

    Deidre Hall (Days of Our Lives)
  • “The makeup on the set feels 'chunky' but I like this.”

    Zane Hewett (Desperate Housewives)
  • “I’m interested in using mineral powder but not the loose kind and that seems to be all there is. Looks very nice, feels light on the skin. Very natural. Love the AstroGleam eyeshadow!”

    Rosanna Arquette (Actress)
  • I love her products!

  • "I have a very sensitive skin and with the changes that aging brings about my skin looked dull and dry with constant breakouts. I've used many expensive products to include La Prairie caviar and Anti-Aging eye serum but it was not until I started using Dr. Dima Ali's facial products that my skin started looking youthful and radiant. My acne practically disappeared and I have been receiving lots of compliments. Dr. Dima is very attentive and carin ...

    - Tamar Becks
  • “I LOVE Hi Plutonic C Daylight Anti-Oxidant Cream! I actually have DR. Dima in my faves on my blog. Trust that you will see the difference in your skin. I have a very stressful job where eating well and drinking water gets set aside by lots of coffee and “energy” drinks. On top of that I have two children under 5 that I need to attend to. So with all that I do need this miracle lotion. I have gone with out using and have definit ...

    - Les
  • “I tried her products when I working overseas and freckling under a hot Tropical sun. Most are amazed i returned from my stint (2 years with her product) free of facial sunburn with nice skin. My photos then reveal relatively blemish free skin. Her sun block was great and had a moisturizing quality that seemed like a souped up foundation.  I was effusive about it when I returned.  I do use it today.” 

    – Christina P.
  • “My face felt really soft, as if I had just used a primer. My face was baby-soft so not only does this have medical properties but it does do a dual job working as a makeup primer. You all know I am a vitamin C face junkie. Well, this is created by a very famous dermatologist so there are epic levels of vitamin C in this potion. In fact, my face felt a slight warming sensation once I had it fully coated. My facial warmness felt just as I de ...

    – Meg (From Meg’s Makeup)
  • “As I sit here with my weekly ritual of my Galactic Core Your Pores Anti-Matter Mask™ I want to thank you for the wonderful product line you have! I Love it! I feel like a new woman after I wash off the Mask, I look forward to it every week!”  

    - Lisa R.
  • “Her skincare is wonderful, she developed it herself. Can't live without it. Thank you Dr. Dima.....I feel fabulous!”

    – Tracey G.
  • “After several years of searching for a high quality skin care line, I was very pleased to find Dr. Dima has put together a complete line of products.” 

    - Mary S.
  • “Love the entire line.  I saw an improvement with the skincare line almost immediately, smoother skin and smaller pores.”  

    - L. R.


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$100 Gift Card
Price: $100.00
Fault-Line Defender Twilight Anti-Oxidant Cream
1.7 oz containerPrice: $88.00
$50 Gift Card
Price: $50.00
$500 Gift Card
Price: $500.00


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So Universally Clean Gentle Anti-Bacterial Cleanser
6 oz containerPrice: $48.00
Beam Me Off! Acne Buster
.33 oz bottlePrice: $25.00
Global Debris Remover Get Cosmically Naked
6 oz containerPrice: $22.00
Galactic Core Your Pores Anti-Matter Mask
1.7 oz containerPrice: $38.00


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Astro Lipstick It To Me! Lipstick
.4 g tubePrice: $22.00
Cheekabuki Brush
1 brushPrice: $12.00
AstroPucker Me All Nite Long!
.24 oz jarPrice: $28.00
Hi-Plutonic Daylight Anti-Oxidant Cream
1.7 oz containerPrice: $88.00