5 Ways To Prevent Aging Hands

While spending hours at the gym, shelling out a small fortune on skin care, and focusing on the latest and greatest makeup trends many can forget a key part of anti-aging. That is taking care of your hands. Many focus solely on their body, or face easily forgetting that hands are an obvious give away for your age.

prevent aging hands Madonna aging hands

Take Madonna for instance, who from the neck up looks in her early 40’s with a practically wrinkle free complexion. Yet, her hands give away her actual age of 58 demonstrating just how important hand care is. In this article we will discuss 7 ways to prevent aging hands and keep them looking young and fresh.

Prevent aging hands

1) Wear Sunblock:

Applying sunscreen to the face is constantly stressed, but it is just as important to do the same to our hands! Sun damage is definitely the biggest culprit when it comes to aging and we can not stress how important this tip is. It is important for us to make it a habit that once sunscreen is applied to the face it is also to the hands.

preventing aging hands with sunscreen on a beach


2) Exfoliate:

Again, this is a big part of keeping a healthy facial complexion, and also applies to the skin on your hands. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and reveals healthier skin underneath. You can purchase body exfoliators that you can use on your hands, or make a customized one using common house hold ingredients!

Prevent Aging Hands with Exfoilator Scrub

3) Hydrate:

This tip will definitely help in the long run. Drinking lots of water and eating nourishing foods with lots of anti-oxidants can really make a difference when it comes to skincare.

Prevent Aging Hands by Hydrating


4) Avoid Chemicals:

It is important to know that regular household items such as hand soap and dish soup can irritate the skin. Hair care and other beauty products can also do the same. Avoid chemicals by choosing organic and natural products that do not contain harsh chemicals. A little change like this can go a long way for your hands.

Prevent Aging Hands by Avoiding Chemicals and Using Natural HandSoap

5) Get Frequent Manicures:

Keeping up with cuticles and nail care is vital in order to keep hands looking young and attractive. However, one should also take a break from the polish every other manicure in order to make sure nails can recover from the last coat.


prevent aging hands by receiving a manicure

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