• “My skin reacts to oil based makeup but this feels so light and natural.” (In response to being told she can swim with Minacles on, she responded “that’s so cool!” because she is a surfer.)
    Spencer Grahmer (Greek & As The World Turns)
  • “The makeup on the set feels 'chunky' but I like this.”
    Zane Hewett (Desperate Housewives)
  • “It’s amazing! My skin looks so pretty and natural, like I don’t have anything on….the color is perfect and I’m glowing!”
    Tatyana Ali (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air & The Young and the Restless)
  • "I like it... it"s so easy to apply"
    Shoshana Bean (Wicked)
  • “I am amazed that it only took one shade of powder to match my skin! … Usually I have to mix two shades together. This is great!”
    Shar Jackson (Actress)
  • “I’m interested in using mineral powder but not the loose kind and that seems to be all there is. Looks very nice, feels light on the skin. Very natural. Love the AstroGleam eyeshadow!”
    Rosanna Arquette (Actress)
  • "This is amazing! It doesn"t look like I have anything on and my skin is glowing!"
    Rebecca Mader (TV Series Lost)
  • “OMG, it doesn’t look like I have any makeup on! On the set the makeup is so heavy and makes me break out and I have to get airbrushed but this is so much better! It’s great!”
    Mark Indelicato (Ugly Betty)
  • “It doesn’t feel like I have anything on…so natural and pretty."
    Liz Bogush (October Road)
  • "I love it, it is very light and natural."
    Lauren Storm (Flight 29 Down & The Game Plan)
  • “My skin feels really good!”
    Laura Silverman (Half Baked)
  • "Stage makeup is very heavy, and Cosminology is nice and light." "It makes my skin feel so good!"
    Lacy Schwimmer (So You Think You Can Dance?)
  • “It is very light, I love it!”
    Izabella Miko (Coyote Ugly)
  • "Looks very natural, covered up so easy. I look better and more natural than when I came in here…this stuff is amazing!”
    Deidre Hall (Days of Our Lives)
  • Right after her Cosminology Minacles application, she was told by a friend “your skin looks like porcelain” and Courtney responded: “I know! It feels so soft”
    Courtney Hope
  • "Very nice."
    Beverly Mitchell (7th Heaven)
  • "I love it! It feels so soft on my skin."
    Anna Maria Perez De Tagle (Hannah Montana)
  • “I love this stuff!” “I’m sending everyone I know over here!"
    Susan Unger (Producer of The Swan)
  • “I love it!...Looks and feels so natural.”
    Melanie Andrews (Loving Angelique)
  • “I asked for sexy eyeshadow to match my dress for the Oscars…I am wearing Minacles colors AstroGleam and AstroWink to the Academy Awards show!”
    Phyllis Gladen
  • "I am so picky about my makeup. I love it, I’m not kidding!”
    Natalie Rotman (E! Channel Israel)

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